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Off topic, I know… haha.

I have my first blood test scheduled tomorrow since starting 100mg/day Allopurinol four weeks ago, trying to be prepared with as many questions/observations pending results, and much of what I see online lends itself to the thinking that you find a dose that works, and stick with it forever.

So does anyone have any history of varying Allopurinol dosages throughout their treatment? For example: Gauging an initial dosage of 300mg, but eventually lowering to 100 or 200 as a maintenance dosage? Or bringing it down with a higher dosage and then lowering to a maintenance dosage.

Or the other way around, finding a dosage that worked, but eventually having to increase because that dosage stopped being as effective for one reason or another over time?

I guess I’m curious if the effects of the drug tend to improve or decrease over time. In regards to SUA numbers, is there a tendency toward a long term positive cumulative effect, or toward building up a resistance negatively.