Reply To: Hip Bursitis and Gout

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Have you had an attack before, or is this the first? I know absolutely nothing about steroids, but…

Colchicine has worked wonders for me for treating an acute attack, it seems to cut straight to the source for me luckily, and with no side effects other than some minor stomach rumbling and a little mental fog. I usually take 2 – 0.6mg pills at first sign it’s a true attack, another a few hours later, and then one a day for the next couple of days. I’ve also backed it up with 500mg Naproxen for serious pain. I feel relief within hours, and my attacks (pain and swelling) have abated fully within 2-3 days, with maybe some residual ache for a few more days.

I’ve used it at a lower rate for some of my more serious flares (gauged by if the flare is serious enough to cause a limp), one or two pills the first day, and again one a day for the next couple of days. I don’t think I’ve ever used it for more than four consecutive days. I plan on never having anything less than ten doses on hand at any given time, probably for the rest of my life.