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I understand that “flares” aren’t a technical medical term, I literally meant “you” as in the members of the forum. I’m curious how other sufferers are gauging their own experiences. I saw the “Monitor Your Gout Pain” graph after I posted this, and I’d basically say levels 1-5 I’d call flares, and 6-10 I’d classify as an attack. The attack that started this ten month run was probably an 8 on that scale, and I’ve been bouncing between 0-4 regularly since, with a couple of forays into the 5-6 range.

My primary source of discomfort these days isn’t my big toe at all, it hasn’t bothered me in months. In fact, the big toe joint has flattened back to totally normal looking. For whatever reason, my crystal deposits have migrated one joint over to the base of my second toe. It sometimes looks like I have a little marble in what you’d call the Proximal Phalanx. It’s looked slightly puffy for months, and it swells a bit more roundly when I “flare”.