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As you can see the forum isn’t very active and so the members of the forum pretty much all use words in their own way.
I’d say the duration, location and specificity of the symptoms matter as much as the pain. The main thing I take away from your description for instance is that you’d probably benefit from increasing your allopurinol dose sooner rather than later (assuming the blood test doesn’t come back with a red flag). And that’s got nothing to do with pain levels. Instead, I focused on things like “slightly puffy for months” because one of the points of increasing one’s dose slowly is to avoid triggering inflammation. But it looks like you might have constant inflammation to begin with! Inflammation in a single location which hasn’t resolved after a week also suggests you might have too much uric acid in your blood.
Either you take the time to describe your symptoms or you don’t. If you want to sum them up with a word or two, I don’t think the choice of word matters a great deal: absent a fairly detailed description, people will have trouble guessing what’s happening to you.
Gout symptoms vary quite a bit, which is part of why doctors have so much trouble diagnosing gout when you’re not in the middle of a textook acute MTP1 episode. Indeed I wouldn’t swear the ongoing symtpoms you’re experiencing on your second toe joint are due to gout. Don’t get me wrong: it’s probably gout. But if you didn’t have big toe attacks for several years previously, I would be more skeptical.

In all likelyhood, you had deposits there for years by the way (they haven’t migrated).
It’s your body’s irritation with the deposits which migrates, for instance because some dormant deposit becomes unstable or because fresh crystals develop next to it.