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Sure, you can afford to take your time.
Each additional mg has less effect so your estimate is too optimistic. On the other hand, SUA values often keep dropping a bit even if you don’t increase the dose during the first month or two. So yeah, 150mg might perhaps bring you down to around 5.5. But be aware there is some noise in test results so the next one could potentially be a disappointment. Averages are the most informative numbers.
As stated above, the main reason to aim at 5 (a pretty random target but you have to pick a number) would be the amount of time you left your gout to fester. This means you’ll probably be stuck with gout symptoms for quite a while and a lower SUA should theoretically both help keep these symptoms fairly mild and speed up the curing process a bit. The evidence for this is quite weak but that hasn’t stopped our host talking about taking the maximum dose without regard for SUA values. For what it’s worth my doctors don’t care much for targets either and figure that lower is better. At least there’s some support for using 5 as a target in the guidelines. In the end, you’ll have to observe the effect of the therapy on your symptoms over several months (keeping in mind the cognitive biases we are all subject to) and make an educated guess about what target might be right for you.