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Haha! CVE from Febuxostat – what a terrifying thought. Being reasonably high on 100mgs probably wouldn’t surprise me though.

Yes, my previous rheumatologist said something similar with regards to a significant amount of UA remaining in muscles and tissues all over your body. He explained it like a a bus route which had been out of service for months whilst passengers kept accumulating at the bus stops. “Your going to need quite a few buses running on time constantly to get the passenger backlog clear and only then can you adjust the schedule and size of the bus”. I explained to him if these erratic results could just be clusters of crystals dissolving and he said it’s highly unlikely unless tophi is evident. Although I’m not too sure if that’s true because I haven’t changed anything at all in my diet.

I had my most recent hemo blood test a few days ago and the UA result came back at 345ummol which was very disappointing. Lower then 360 yes but higher then 330. The very first rheumatologist I saw wanted me under 360ummol however the second one insists on being under 330ummol.

All evident side effects seem to have settled down (constipation, aches, etc.) and ALT and ALP levels are OK (ALP levels have definitely increased but are still within the normal range [+-20] ). I’ve also just noticed that my AST levels have never been checked after starting Febuxostat and that my hemo hospital doesn’t even check them by default when doing Liver function (how bizarre!) unless that’s normal? From what I understand ALT and ALP are the key numbers for Febuxostat but I’m a little paranoid and worried now. I will get them checked at another hospital once I get a chance to visit my GP.

I too am not too keen in alternating doses but wouldn’t that overall be better then going all out on 120mgs daily or would regular spikes be a concern to cause an attack? Or maybe just go to straight to 120mgs in the hope that I could be off the higher dose quicker?

What would you suggest providing the numbers mentioned above (Liver, UA)?

p.s. How does one even know when these deposits are all gone to reduce the dose and rule out possible spikes anyway?

Thank you so much mate.

Finally, let’s close the gap on relying on this forum to maintain contact – what would be the best way get my email to you? temp email sites?

Thanks again buddy.