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If doctors are treating you like crap, how do you know this is gout? They didn’t try to detect solid uric acid in your body, did they? What do your serum uric acid tests look like?
Assuming it is gout (possibly a dangerous assumptions), the most obvious and cheapest way to put a stop to this crazy flareup considering you are basically healthy would be to combine colchicine and naproxen but you’d need to take strong enough doses. If you can’t get colchicine from Mexico where it ought to be dirt cheap, I guess you could try a dangerously strong naproxen dose if you haven’t tried that already. But make sure you have a PPI on hand if you’re going to go crazy with naproxen! Also be sure to monitor that blood pressure.
And rather than going crazy, see if you could get access to better health care through a charity or something. Enroll the help of anybody who might care for you because if this is gout, it’s a problem that’s likely going to afflict you for years even though it might never be as severe as it’s been these last few months. So you have to think long-term… and taking so much meds that you develop side effects which may prevent you from taking these meds in the future is definitely not what you want! So trying even harder to get colchicine and a good doctor could really pay off in the long run.
Finally, eat a healthy diet (now is not the time to fast or prioritize weight loss!) and make sure you drink plenty of water while avoiding diuretics.