Reply To: Allopurinol

Antwerpen Seven

Great advice and this arms me with things to talk with my Doctor about more.

His plan is a month more on the Indo while things settle down. Not a permanent thing and he felt it is far less dangerous than the Colcochine (given the statin interaction) or Prednisone (which comes with a laundry list of issues).

If needed I could go off the statin for a period…this is another option if I am just not happy with the Indo. My cholesterol issue though is odd. Not really a product of diet…I eat very healthy and am quite fit for my age with numerous sports and a diligent exercise routine. Again, like the gout, it just seems to be there. The statin seems to be at my age a needed addition to an already decent lifestyle…not much more I can do.

Let’s hope for an eventual shift with the Allupurinol as the cycle wears down. And yes, with a 26 year history of Gout and never taking meds for it I imagine I am dealing with a lot of history that needs to allow for time to kick in.