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Fire Titan

Hi Nobody

Thanks for the quick reply.
I took 40mg a day of Febuxostat one a day for 3 days (1/2 a 80mg tablet) only

So currently I don’t get any attacks, some days my toe is just a bit stiff and there are fantastic sensations going on (Hard to explain)

I do feel tenderness in my finger joints when I press them , not sure if thats because the previous stop/start of Febuxostat and Allopurinol triggered something or my gout is progressing

So I have not had this tenderness issue ever before.

So I am more worried long term about crystal formation.
But as you say , no substitute for UA lowering meds.

Indocid does not stop the formation of crystals in my understanding, just kills the inflammation , so I would only take that for attacks.

I was proposing the week on/off approach because then it would interrupt the crystal formation process as a stop gap approach until I am brave enough to start yet another UA lowering med.

But what you are saying is when I feel symptoms, tenderness in fingers, wrist joint, heel etc , then I take Colchicine for a while?

I know I am just stalling the process , but the side effects of both Allopurinol and Febuxsotat are a bit horrific for me.

So I want my body to really calm down and get back to normal before attempting any other UA lowering medication

i am not sure how long it may take , maybe never for my body to stop overproducing or underexcreting UA , now that I am on a virtually meat free diet, that is the issue and of course how long it will take before I get some serious issues i.e Kidney stones/tophi etc