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These aren’t typical gout symptoms. It usually develops slowly, affecting the feet for years before moving on to causing inflammation all over the place (and normally it would only affect one location at a time).
Some people get unusual gout symptoms of course. Alcoholism (as well as reducing dramatically one’s consumption) could contribute to an unusual evolution of the disease I guess.
But I think you should try to rule out other diseases before assuming these symptoms are caused by gout. Ideally, a skilled hand would take fluid from an inflamed joint to confirm that you have gout. A DECT scan might be a more reliable alternative to detect uric acid crystals if you are lucky enough to have access to that.
Normally the first thing to do would be to get a uric acid blood test which is quicky and easy but in your situation it could yield a false negative and would in any case not confirm gout. Still, the test is so cheap that I would recommend you get such a test done ASAP. Just don’t assume the result will be definitive so try to schedule a rheumatologist appointment and get ready for more tests.