Reply To: Gout or doubt

Mohammad Motala

I’m currently on puricos 100mg. Gp says i should use 100mg dosage. However I see my orthopedic surgeon has prescribed puricos 300mg (which he says it’s fine to take lifelong) with Arcoxia 120mg (only at time of gout attack).
So I decided to to have puricos 200mg daily considering a moderate dosage between the 2 views. Haha I know its sounds funny, but I would honestly like to know if I’m on the right track currently. Also my bloods for kidney etc are all fine.

Would puricos 200mg help me bring down uric acid faster?
Do I need to consume probiotic after puricos?
Does it also mean for life I have to have puricos?
Any natural things to consume that really brings down uric acid?