Reply To: Gout or doubt


Sometimes gout comes from a kidney problem. The cause is always high uric acid but there are several ways it can get too high. Kidney function is only one of them.

Lots of natural products aren’t any good.
Lots of natural products help with symptoms. Colchicine is one of them (see above), and I recommend you get it in a pill because it’s much easier to get the dose right that way (people have killed themselves by drinking infusions made from the plant). Many natural products are similar to arcoxia (but inferior). My only problem with arcoxia is that it can be a bit slow when compared to some other drugs of the same type. If it’s fast enough for you, there’s no point at looking at anything else (other than colchicine which is even slower but has a different effect).
Some natural products do basically the same thing as puricos, except they’re less effective and harder to use. There’s little point in bothering with them as long as you take puricos.
That leaves you with the natural products which help your body get rid of uric acid. These could be useful in addition to puricos as long as you are getting attacks (puricos alone will be enough to keep them from coming back once they are gone for good). I already mentioned the ones with the best evidence to back up their effectiveness above: water, milk/yoghurt and vegetables. The problem is, I don’t know if they would make much difference in your situation because I don’t know why your uric acid was high in the first place. But unlike many natural products, milk and vegetables are pretty safe as long as regular food safety regulations are followed and you don’t consume utterly ridiculous amounts so I think it’s OK to recommend them to everyone.