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Keith Taylor

If all goes well, I will re-open in a few hours. But gout wasn’t fixed in a day.

And as Kevin Belton told me 8 days ago via email “And was created over many many years……”
Which makes no sense to me. But gout pain can do that to a man 🙂

Anyway, the Please Help My Gout forum is open again. So remember to post something every day if you want the fastest gout recovery possible.

Also, I will be extremely grateful if you let me know of any problems that I might have inadvertently introduced when upgrading the server. There are some I know about…
1. gravity forms link in the footer – I’m replacing this.
2. The only forum I’ve reopened is this one. Because I’m switching to a single forum layout for the sake of clarity. So I’ll be relocating/deleting topics in other forums.

But if you spot anything else, please let me know