Reply To: Accurate Uric Acid monitor

Gout Patient

I have read information on this website about uric acid meters and understand the pros and cons. I definitely want to get one to help ensure that I am taking the correct dose of allopurinol. I don’t want to wait 6 months to go back to my doc only to find out that “gee, we really should up your dose” or whatever. Once stabilized, I doubt I will need it often, but for now, starting allopurinol in the last couple months, I think it is important to verify the results and correctly adjust the dose if necessary. I live in the United States, and there does not seem to be many available here. I see one type on Amazon with relatively poor ratings and many complaints of inaccuracy. I see a couple types on Ebay and I have no idea if they are good or bad. I see one place advertising in Florida, but they have conflicting info on the website, and don’t tell you the brand. I call the 800 “support” number and get nothing but ads and no support, so it appears to be a bogus support line. Therefore, I do not trust that website. I don’t mind paying for a good meter and test strips, but I would like to know I am getting “the real thing” and something that actually works if used correctly. I would appreciate anyone else with experience using these to let me know if they have had good results, if they can recommend a good one (or a bad one to avoid for that matter). I realize the best thing would be to go to the doc every month or so, and have a lot of blood work done for kidneys, liver, uric acid, etc., but the doc says come back in 6 months. Plus each time I go it costs me hundreds of dollars so if I can get a reliable meter I can check at home and only go to the doc at 6 month intervals. Thanks.