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Rebecca Nahid

Yes I know the protein test you are talking about my doctor sent me for one because he always seems very dubious about vegan diets. My score came back within the normal range. My doctor has a huge stomach and is very unhealthy looking so I ignore a lot of his so-called nutritional advice which is actually very little.

I eat plenty of tofu so I never worry I know that I’m getting all the right nutrients at the moment.

Too much protein in the way that bodybuilders have it cannot be good for you as it also leaches calcium from the bones. I take a daily B12 supplement as it’s the only thing that I cannot get through food alone unless I was to drink massive amounts of fortified milk or nutritional yeast which I don’t eat. A lot of people don’t realise they have B12 deficiency even meat Eaters because of the way modern farming methods are and animals can’t always get it from the soil.

He always makes me laugh when people ask me if I am worried about getting enough omega-3 because I don’t eat fish. Fish get their omega-3 from algae so if I was really worried I can consume algae and get it Direct rather than from a secondary source.

Sometimes I do a kind of vegan bingo in my head because you can imagine I’ve heard so many contra actions to my lifestyle this is normally from people in my life who eats nothing but junk and drink every weekend but somehow become nutritionists once you tell them you don’t eat meat lol