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My “pitch” for Allopurinol use

As a Gout sufferer for over 5 years, my story has been told on this site several times. Long story short, my Rheumatologist was very reluctant to put me on Allopurinol. I literally had to DEMAND it, of which, he finally obliged.

I originally started on 100mgs, but was bumped up to 300mgs 2 months later, as we were not seeing the results we had anticipated. Fast forward to today and my quarterly blood results are in:

Uric Acid: 4.1
Blood Glucose: 70
Cholesterol: 132
Liver enzymes: Normal
Kidney function: Normal
White Cell count: Normal

Body weight: 167 lbs

In 18 months of taking Allopurinol, my Uric Acid has dropped from a high of 9.6 in January 2016, to 4.1 in June 2017. I lead a normal life, I drink occasionally and eat red meat (what!!!????) in moderation. This lifestyle would NEVER have been possible without Allopurinol. I tried the lifestyle thing. It didn’t work. I tried the Vegan thing. It didn’t work, as a matter of fact, my Uric Acid got WORSE…from 9.2 to 9.6.

The bottom line is this (especially if your Uric Acid is really high like mine was)..medication is your only option. ALL MEDICATIONS have side effects, and yes, I read the thread about the sexual problems on the other post, but me, personally have yet to experience ONE side effect. None. Maybe I’m lucky, who knows. But I lead a normal, Gout free life so far and I intend to keep it that way by doing what I’m doing, along with exercise and proper healthy choices. Keep that in mind when you are trying to decide what you want to do to combat this Gout issue.