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My understanding is that full recovery from a gout attack typically occurs in less than 2 weeks.
But I have had symptoms which lasted for months before I started taking colchicine in sufficiently large amounts. Others have experienced long-lasting symptoms as well.
Your situation is not typical to begin with. Some of us have experienced ongoing symptoms after lowering our UA (be it through drugs or diet).
If you haven’t yet tried colchicine, you might want to talk to your doctor about it. There are other drugs such as corticosteroids which might help put a stop to your ongoing symptoms.
I don’t know when you’ve started taking 200mg but if your dose change was recent, I wouldn’t worry about your foot not healing just yet. If you’ve been on 200mg for a while, it’s possible you would benefit from taking a bit more.
It’s also possible your last attack did some damage to your foot that explains (some of) your symptoms. In that case, drugs may not help much. Aside from the injuries that serious swelling can cause or contribute to, gout seems to contribute to the development of other conditions such as osteoarthritis. If your foot doesn’t improve, you might have to ask your rheuma to take a closer look at it.

The information you’ve just given would lead me to guess that you’re going to have a long term relationship with allopurinol. If you have a problem with allopurinol in particular, there are other drugs and remedies you could take instead. But you’re most likely have to take something or other. You could try to optimize your diet and lifestyle but I don’t think that would be sufficient to keep you safe in the long run.
There’s little harm in trying different things as long as your are monitoring your uric acid closely. There’s also evidence that people can quit allopurinol for a little while without ill effects. But I would wait until you’ve been symptom-free for a long time before attempting anything of the sort. The longer you’ve been taking allopurinol, the safer it would be to take a break. To be clear, I’m talking years.