Reply To: Febuxostat and Colchicine dosing

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@Mauri – thanks for your contribution mate.


Why mate, what’s bothering you? We are all heading or already are spending too much time online, being out with people is like being out with smartphones and tablets! I was out enjoying the few summer days we get yesterday and believe it or not it was like being out with smartphones. Every beep or ring everyone would look at their devices. But whats on your mind pal..?

With regards to the Colchicine, well since stopping the Allopurinol on May the 31st I did another blood test on June the 16th and it turned out the haemoglobin actually went up slightly to 5.7 g/dl. Now although not significant I am extremely thankful as the trend seems upward and haemoglobin generally takes longer then white cells or platelets to recover. My next blood test is due at the end of this month but I might postpone it slightly until first week of July as I’ve had 4 blood tests each with two tubes alone this month for all the required tests (kidney, liver, iron, fbc, urate) which can also impact haemoglobin so levels might actually be higher and recovering quicker but being hindered by the amount of blood tests I’m having.

In any case the rheumatologist prescribed two 500microgram Colchicine tablets so 1mg total a day to take for foot my which is still slightly inflamed from my 12 week attack and as preventative treatment so that I can start febuxostat immediately. I personally will not be taking any drugs including Colchicine or febuxostat or naproxen until we get to the bottom of the current haemoglobin issues (if they were allopurinol).

However I kept the tablets in the unfortunate case of an ad-hoc acute attack over the next 3-4 weeks. I am approximately 58kilos and was wondering if 500micrograms twice a day was sufficient or even too much for dealing with it?

p.s. Baring in mind this is the same rheumatologist who wanted me to go straight to 80mgs of febuxostat.

Thanks as always.