Reply To: Febuxostat and Colchicine dosing

d q


believe me mate, I totally understand. Insidious disease, horrible pain.
Frankly speaking I admire people like you who are able to part from their smartphone. It makes me sick watching all these people using them with no regard to how quickly life goes by. All I hear is Facebook post, or twitter feed or whatever. I personally don’t use any of it.. So call me a weirdo too 🙂

Yep, that is certainly good news with the haemoglobin mate. I can’t tell you how much weight has been removed from my shoulders. We still aren’t sure it was the allopurinol but lets hope it was.

So do you still use febuxostat? Is it a good drug? Just out of curiosity how come you got hit by an attack whilst being on it? Was it the usual after starting ULT attack?

Well at least its good news to see my rheumatologist went a little more conservative with colchicine dosing to start with. Initially he prescribed it as preventative when starting febuxostat and to reduce this long standing inflammation I have. I think he wanted me to hit 3 tablets should I get an acute attack. I am just reluctant to taking absolutely anything right now. Believe me the risk of not taking any ULT is killing me. I’m banking on the 4 months of hardcore low uric acid levels to have dissolved as much as possible and to give me some breathing space until at least I see my new rheumatologist in mid July (and if the haemoglobin shows recovery after allopurinol).