Reply To: Febuxostat and Colchicine dosing


This was more of an overconfident-after-a-while-on-ULT attack… assuming it was gout (got no tests done seeing it struck during the week-end). Haven’t been through something this nasty in years.
I did more “hardcore” ULT than you. But you know how the time it takes for the old crystals to clear seems proportional to the time you’ve had high UA or gout? Well, in light of that I should have been more careful.

Correction: with your hemoglobin so low that it’s got one less digit than mine, I messed up my unit conversion above. Febuxostat (which I’m still taking) might have caused my hemoglobin to fall by about 1 (something like 6%), not 0.1 (which is nothing).