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Keith Taylor

Hi Sian,

My first thoughts are that your husband is on the way to gout recovery, but may need help to avoid the potholes. In this case, the potholes that your rheumatologist might help with are:
1. Preventative Colchicine
Rather than taking colchicine as required, it is often a good idea to take it as a preventative. Then your husband might need additional colchicine with NSAIDs on the worst days. The length of time for preventative colchicine varies from two weeks to six months, or more. So, that is the first thing I would ask about.

2. Different Febuxostat Dose
There are 2 schools of thought on this. My preference is to go for the maximum tolerable dose of uric-acid lowering medicine. In this case, febuxostat. So that old uric acid crystals dissolve as soon as possible. Also, I would support this with preventative febuxostat, as mentioned.

Other people have suggested a gentler course, with a less aggressive approach to uric acid-lowering. There’s no right or wrong here. So, it’s another good topic to discuss with the rheumatologist.

3. Blood Tests
As well as uric acid, your medics should test for kidney function and liver function. Because those tests give early warning signals for potential side effects. Also, the liver function test is particularly important for febuxostat patients.

All in all, Sian, I reckon your visit on Tuesday is mostly about reassurance that progress is satisfactory. After years of shoddy treatment, it seems to me that your husband is on the right track. So, I reckon a few more months will see him fully recovered from gout. It would be nice if your rheumatologist can confirm that. 🙂