Reply To: Febuxostat and Colchicine dosing


I’m not surprised you were recommended colchicine in your condition. It’s not good at relieving acute inflammation but it’s good at putting it to rest, slowly but surely.

re: “hardcore”
I was talking about SUA, as you did when you used that word. Starting from a lower level than yours (thanks in part to my diet), I ended up with lower SUA test results than yours even though I’m only taking a small dose.
I never took a very strong dose of febuxostat. I wouldn’t dare as my liver is touchy.

re: overconfident
I was overconfident in terms of how I neglected both to baby my joints and to take a prudent (meaning pretty large) amount of colchicine at the first sign of trouble.

re: my hemoglobin
The dip showed up in my last test. I would usually not get tested for this stuff as I have no blood problems (well, I routinely have abnormal white cell fractions but I suppose that’s to be expected when someone’s got chronic inflammation) so I’m probably not going to be able to tell you if it was a temporary dip anytime soon. If it turned out to be permanent or even if it got a bit worse over time, that wouldn’t be an issue for me.

re: your SUA test result
I warned you about this. I also got a surprisingly high result shortly after quitting ULT (that was before my current ULT). But I’ve got to say 760 is even higher than I would have guessed!
I don’t know why SUA rebounds that way. The crystals must be part of it but it’s possible your metabolism tried to compensate for your lowish SUA by overproducing and hasn’t adjusted back yet.
For what it’s worth, going by the tests my SUA seemed to have dropped back to normal fairly quickly after that ULT-discontinuation spike.