Reply To: Febuxostat and Colchicine dosing

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@nobody – good to hear from you mate. The information on Colchicine really does vary across the board. My rhumatologist advised me to take two 500micrograms tablets a day in attempt to finally rid me of the slight swelling and pain I still suffer from today. As you know I refused to take any medication until we isolate and try and resolve my haemoglobin issue.

Which brings me to some very interesting findings over the last 6 weeks. As you know I stopped allopurinol on the 31st of May. A week later the haemoglobin climbed slightly to 5.7 which was encouraging but still worrying, if you remember my uric acid also shot through the roof to 700ummol which is what you expected.

Fast forward slightly under a month and a blood test taken first week of July showed uric acid down to 650ummol and a haemoglobin of 7.3. Fast forward a further week to around mid July and uric acid had dropped further to 600ummol and a haemoglobin of 7.5.

So, it “seems” allopurinol was the culprit however my haematologist says it could have been an internal viral infection and not to just rule out allopurinol. He also went on to say that we can follow the rheumatologists opinion to try febuxostat if he feels it may be better suited because the rhumatologist suggested that allopurinol may cause anemia.

Now prior to starting fexbostat I have one more baseline blood test to do next week. I’ve asked them to include liver function, kidney function, full blood counts and finally uric acid. Once we get the results were going to start fexbostat.

I know you are taking it and from what I understand it’s best to start with a lower dose then 80mgs so I’ll be splitting that tablet to 40mgs but are there any other hints, tips, pointers that I should be aware of before jumping onto your febuxostat boat? 🙂