Reply To: First Gout Attack

Keith Taylor

Hi John,

I’m sorry to read that you are in pain. But, I’m shocked to see you’ve had gout for 38 years! I would normally tell you to get to the doctor right now, and discuss safe gout treatment.

But, what doctor allows gout to last 38 years without getting it under control?!?

I’m really struggling to know what to suggest, John. There’s obviously a lot more to your story than you are telling me. I want to help you. I just don’t have enough information to tell you the best way to get the right treatment. Do you have any uric acid blood test results?

I’m especially struggling to understand why you are considering prednisone or probenecid. Both of these drugs can play a part in gout treatment. But, they are not the obvious options. Both have very different roles in gout treatment. And, both of these would only be the first choice if you had some specialist tests done.

I’d love to help you better, John. But, I need more information. As well as uric acid test result history, I need to know:
– What has your doctor suggested?
– Why consider prednisone?
– Why consider probenecid?
– Have you used either of those drugs before?
– Have you used any other forms of gout treatment in the past?

Sorry about all the questions John. Gout is very easy to manage in most cases. But, it depends absolutely on applying the right treatment for personal circumstances. If gout treatment isn’t matched to your personal situation, it’s a waste of time.