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Joseph Nally

[Feedback via Why are tophi important to gout sufferers?]

I have suffered with gout since 2003.

I have used the regular, Al, Col, Prob. None of these work. I also use Prednisone, but it is working less and less. I began with 4 mg of it and now I’m on 60 mg.

Trophus has recently developed in my feet, hands, and elbows. My liver levels are now extremely high. My doctor says my situation is critical. He has suggested infusion therapy, (chresta sp?) which we have been told is dangerous and expensive seeing insurance does not cover it.

We have recently began using wheatgrass and Amazing Grass Original Meal Replacements. I am not on any solid foods. Just juicing it up with frozen cherries, blueberries, etc.

My uric acid level has now dropped to 5.8. This is better than all the meds combined which actually never got it down below 10.2 and that was intermittent.

Any assistance that you could offer would be appreciated.

PS: Please excuse the errors, it is rather painful to type.