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Keith Taylor

Hi Ross,

My best guess of your prednisone situation is that your gout is now much worse. It’s common in patients who get pain control, but no uric acid control.

I note your comments about starting allopurinol too early, with some concern:

I took your advice and started the allopurinol right away but the doctor still swears that’s a bad idea. I read the link you posted about it being fine to do, but that doesn’t seem to be the popular notion around here. I’m a little discouraged given the amount of pain I’m still in.

I need to re-evaluate my advice, and I apologize for any confusion. I need to make it clear that taking allopurinol early assumes that you are getting correct gout pain control. The logic, and the outcomes of that gout study, is clear. If you are having a gout attack, you should be getting effective gout pain treatment. In that case, starting allopurinol will make no difference to gout pain. However, it will start uric acid control sooner, which is the best thing to do.

Unfortunately, if you are not getting proper gout pain control, taking allopurinol just reinforces the idea that it is not good for you.

I’m lucky enough to have had my pain control training from nurses in hospital. They know how to stop gouty old men crying out in the night! Seriously, nurses care that their patients experience minimal discomfort. They use their skills to promote combination pain packages that work. Perhaps sitting in your doctor’s waiting room in tears because he wont deal with your pain properly might be an option.

Sorry about that rant!

I simply cannot understand why, in 2016, doctors get away with such brutal treatment of gout pain. Anyway, I’ll add a warning about ineffective gout pain management to my Allopurinol Quickly article.