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Steve Hayden

I was diagnosed with gout 4 months ago and put on Allopurinol 3 wks later.

After researching gout dieting on the internet I found your articles and changed my diet to avoid purines, added sugar in foods as well as excessive sodium. The allopurinol lowered my uric acid level to 3.0 after another 6 wks, and I’m certain I have experienced numerous nighttime flares.

Each time I have a flare, I tend to blame myself for what I ate that night, like a 2-3 oz portion of chicken for the 4th time in a week, whole grain products every day, or a third bowl of oatmeal in a one week period. Should these foods be causing flares with my uric acid down so low? Am I not eating certain foods in moderation?

Last night I had a bowl of tomato based soup containing some chicken and, after being asleep for 3 hrs, I woke up with a flare. I probably shouldn’t have eaten that soup, but what about the other foods I mentioned? Chicken is the only meat I eat now. And, I read that whole grain bread, pita and pasta, brown rice and quinoa are all good for you. I came across different opinions on oatmeal and cheerios.

So, I’m really confused about how to tweak what I thought was a good diet for gout. Any advice you can give me would be much appreciated!