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That’s awesome. It’s the first step towards getting on with your life in a normal fashion. If you are put on medication, be patient. As you probably have read on this site, lowering your Uric Acid is not going to happen overnight. As you stated, you are a young man (at 34) so while you may not have to undo as many years of Uric Acid build up as most of us, you STILL have to undo potential years of Uric Acid build up. It takes time. Do NOT get frustrated by the process. You may still have recurring Gout attacks while starting and continuing the medication treatment. Stay the course.

Continue to eat smart and exercise. Throw in some of those other things you talked about like Cherry Juice, milk, yogurt, coffee, and hydration. Remember, you are still a young guy, so the quicker you stop the destruction of joints in your body, the longer you will be able to enjoy them later in life.

Keep the group posted, and good luck