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Keith wrote:

So if you want good opinions it’s better to tell us where you read rubbish about spinach and legumes. Because then I can explain why they are good for you and where the others got it wrong.

Haha. It was my FOOT doctor who told me spinach was on the forbidden list. (This was before he learned I don’t eat game meats or gross brain sandwiches, don’t drink, etc.) He’s a foot and ankle surgeon, and I think they mostly do repair work, fungal nails, ankle replacements, and so on. In fact, he said he would diagnose the gout and provide pain relief, which he did, but then would send me back to my GP for ongoing treatment because he didn’t do kidneys.

I’ve decided to start the allopurinol tomorrow. I want to first go to the store and load in supplies, particularly things I can eat without cooking. If I get an attack like the others, I won’t be able to walk, or stand at the stove.

That’s why I’m thinking nut butters to hold me over. They’re nutritious and easy to just eat out of the jar. Plus yogurt, maybe chicken lunchmeat.

Now that I know more about all of this, instead of it catching me off guard and unprepared, I can plan ahead. Kind of like disaster planning, except the disaster is gout. (I live in tornado alley.)