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GoutPal Victim

I was diagnosed with gout about 2010. I’m sure I had symptoms not recognized for what was at least 6-8 years prior, but had no idea what it actually was. I had surgery on the underside of my right big toe and they removed what the Dr. said was the consistency of toothpaste from underneath it. My gout has been in check with regular use of allopurinol, small changes in diet and some anti-inflammatory Drugs (Nambutone). The surgeons office/assistant told me that the white substance was basically in most of my joints. I am very overweight, also, which I know how problematic that is. I have a left knee that feels unstable but for the most part remains unswollen until such time that I get a gout flare. My question is that I have had issues with my left ankle. I kept waking up with pain that felt as if it was swollen, yet it wasn’t, but I experienced the pain when I walked on it. After dealing with this off and on, I discovered that messaging the fluid under the skin upwards on the outside of the skin to the ankle bone has provided a good deal of relief. I done this about four times in a month’s time and it seems to have discontinued the “sprained ankle” sensation and the pain it caused. Is this possibly Gout related and where does it fit in the Tofus spectrum? I have no crystallization breaking through the skin anywhere. My biggest issue is that I have to go up or down stairs one step at a time to keep things from swelling (in regards to the left ankle and knee). I also have to walk a bit slower than normal, or things will cause pain. Just curious about all of it, and where I fit into the spectrum? Thanks for your time. Mark