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Dear all,

I was diagnosed with primary gout and primary hyperurecimia whatever the hell primary stands for. I am 27 years old and this was a real shocker at first especially since I was never overweight. Later on I realized it doesn’t matter.

I got my first attack 5 months ago during a period of somewhat excessive drinking due to my cousin’s wedding whom I was best man. I got the attack one day after the bachelor party and at first I thought I had broken my toe. I was completely crippled and it was pain that almost made me cry.

When I went to my GP she said she wants to make a uric acid just in case because the pain was at a very typical spot for gout.

My uric acid came @ 500 during the attack. After the attack it slowly went up to 600.

Following the attack I quit drinking completely and have event as far as being vegan.

To no avail unfortunately. My uric acid is stuck @ ~ 600.

Whatever I do without drugs it doesn’t go down. I really wanted to avoid taking drugs.

After taking drugs for 2 weeks my uric acid went down to 320 however in just 5 days after stopping the drugs and full vegan diet without lentils & beans my uric acid was back to 600.

Despite my uric acid I haven’t had a new attack. However, I get quick sharp pains in my toe’s and I have been getting permanent pain in my ankle. It is not like when I had my first attack. I was fully crippled then. At the moment while it is somewhat of a pain it is mostly annoyance.

The other pains are very short-term (1 to 3min long) fast pains in my toes, sometimes in my elbow or wrist. They pass after that. I get 10 to 15 of these a day.

I wanted to know if other people are experiencing anything like this? Is it possible it is something else, etc?

[originally posted by lapsed member: Georgi Stoykov]