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[feedback from Best For Gout.]

I have been drinking pretty heavy for the past 12 years 6-12 beers with spirits half pint or so just about every night, very bad and unhealthy.

I have had 3 severe attacks over the last year, that’s how long I suspect I have had high ual’s. One flare went away on its own another very painfully flare forced me to quit drinking for a couple weeks. The attack I’m having at the moment has persist over a month, first two weeks HURT! Second two weeks had little pain but still lots of swelling and no movement, by the way the affected joint is a previously broken ankle in which I can’t put any weight on during a flare.

But I stopped drinking beer and started my normal emergency gout diet: tons of water, cherry juice, no purines, foot way over head,colchicine, endocin. But, two days later and the pain is unbearable even with meds.

My question, is this a long term build up of crystals dissolving causing the pain it hit instantly within a minutes.

Thanks for any info or advice, and please not to much about alcohol, I have done days and days of research and been to a regular doc/er several times.

I know how serious gout is it has caused me great depression as of late.