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Keith Taylor

Hi Brian,

I know the gout diagnosis is a shock to you. But, you are not alone. Because my nephew got his gout diagnosis slightly younger than you. Also, thousands of others get the same problem in their twenties rather than forties or later. So, it just means you can learn to manage it now, rather than later when it’s harder to cope.

Firstly, I think you have to focus on uric acid. Because alcohol at your intake is not the problem. So, you can study alcohol and gout if you want. But, my experience is that 4 whiskeys a night is not going to have a huge impact. Unless you’re talking bottles! However, the current medical advice is to not drink every day, though that’s general health rather than gout.

You say your uric acid is “elevated”. But, that doesn’t really mean anything. Because with uric acid, exact numbers matter. So, whatever your number is now, you have to get it below 5mg/dL. Or, if you have other medical issues, you might have to settle for 6mg/dL.

Secondly, be careful with baking soda for gout.

I can give you a better idea about better ways to fix your gout if I know your uric acid number. But, if you want to do some research yourself, its best to start with what type of gout sufferer are you.

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