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Hi again,

There’s no need for a photo but what you could do is to clarify the history of your test results. Here’s what I guess your history might look like:
February: started allopurinol 100mg
March: uric acid 0.30 mmol/l
July: uric acid 0.27 mmol/l
If that’s wrong (which is probably the case), please correct me. And if you have older test results, please add them.

If your uric acid indeed dropped 10% after a few months, that wouldn’t be surprising. The second result would have provided much-need confirmation that you’re on the right track and would be a sign that the therapy seems to be working.
Testing at 0.27 also confirms 100% that you can quit worrying about the purines in regular plant-based foods.
Finally, your test result would also be an argument against raising your dose as 0.27 is quite fine even considering that you seem to frequently have especially cold feet.

Now you know my non-expert opinion: there’s no real need to change anything or to see a doctor at this stage.
A small increase in your allopurinol dose might be helpful. Or it might be useless. So you might want to try 150mg as the risk would be minimal. Or you might stick to 100mg and be patient. We know that gout symptoms can take a while to go away… sometimes more than a year after starting the drug, even with super-strong doses resulting in a lower uric acid level than yours.
But if your symptoms do not go away by next year, then it might be worth seeing a rheumatologist about the failure of your treatment. If on the other hand your symptoms finally cease, after a while on your current dose you might want to try decreasing it to 50mg.