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My husband’s been on Allopurinol 200mg for about 1 month & he did a blood test again, the results are very encouraging! 🙂

Uric acid: 0.407mmol/L (0.543 before)
Glucose: 5.9mmol/L (6.39 before)

So it seems that the blood sugar is also much better now.

He is now starting Allopurinol 300mg & will go for another blood test in a month; hopefully, he can get to the “safe level”.

BTW, regarding Keith’s comment about the genetic screening, we didn’t do that; because we don’t see the very bad rashes as described by the Hypersensitive syndrome. We shall continue with the blood test & watch the uric acid, blood sugar, liver & kidney functions closely.

Thank you Keith for your good heart & hard work in keeping the website! Truly I’ve learned a lot in treating my husband’s high uric acid & the non-stop gout flares since Oct. last year. We are happier now because we know at least this illness can be “managed”. 🙂