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Keith Taylor

Wow Cindy, I’m doing a dance of happiness for Mr Tang! 😀

The time between allopurinol dose increases is variable, depending on how quickly the doctor and patient wish to proceed. Coincidentally, I read a report earlier today where a doctor said change after one week was usually OK. But, I prefer a more cautious 2 weeks.

From what I’ve read, most patients seem to wait a month before increasing allopurinol dose. Also, I think anything longer than 6 weeks is too long. Because, it suggests a lack of urgency.

However, the most important thing is to check kidney function, and liver function when uric acid is tested. So, once the tests have proved OK, the allopurinol dose can be increased as soon as the test has been checked. But, if kidney or liver shows abnormal trends, the dose can be maintained or reduced.

To conclude, I think, if liver and kidney functions are OK, increase allopurinol now. Then, test again in 2 to 4 weeks. Otherwise, your doctor should assess your husband’s results carefully.