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Keith Taylor

Hi Robert,

Listen to Linda!

Another alternative is that we work together to train your GP. The conversation I would have with her goes something like:

"I absolutely agree that I need to improve my diet, and lose more weight. However, this is going to take me at least a year. It might take longer, because gout pain is limiting the amount of exercise I can do. I am also worried that uric acid crystals are damaging my joints, and strenuous exercise might cause serious damage. If I can start allopurinol now, it will reduce the risks of continuing damage from uric acid crystals. That will help me to exercise more and get healthier."

If she can’t accept that Robert, can you see another GP? I had to consult 4 before I found one smart enough to listen to the facts.

Please don’t play around with pills nicked from your wife. Allopurinol needs to be taken at the right dose for each patient. Sharing just means neither of you are getting enough.
Under-dosing allopurinol does very little to reduce the burden of uric acid crystals.
Under-dosing allopurinol does a lot to increase immediate risk of gout flares! Who wants the science?