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Patrick, following your last post, I just wanted to say I admire people like you (firefighters). It’s people like you that make a huge differences in people’s life let alone saving lives.

I’m constantly worried about doing any physical exercise in case I cause an attack whilst finding my optimum allopurinol dose. 🙁


First off thank you for the nice compliment. I’ve learned a lot from working in the city of Los Angeles for 27 years doing this job. It’s a great job and a rewarding profession. My son has followed in my footsteps and he is also a Firefighter in Los Angeles, and has been for almost 5 years. Occasionally, we work together on the floor. I love that, my wife hates it.

As for the apprehension of physical exercise, I understand that, but physical exercise is actually beneficial for your condition. That is, if you are capable of doing it. I know that since I’ve been diagnosed with Gout, I have lost a lot of mobility in my left ankle. I try and power through it, but I can’t run long distances anymore because of it. Anything longer than 5 miles is painful.

Instead, I mountain bike and swim. Both are easier on the joints, and really beneficial for your overall health. Especially swimming. My advice is do what you can to stay active. Walk at a brisk pace, swim, bike, etc…as long as you do something. I take some ibuprofin and Glucosomine and it seems to help. Try that.