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Keith Taylor

I’m constantly worried about doing any physical exercise in case I cause an attack whilst finding my optimum allopurinol dose.

My left toe has never felt right since the first attack and I’m really hoping in time allopurinol will fix that and I’ll regain complete flexibility

James, I don’t want to push you towards exercise that might make your toe pain worse. But, my experience is similar to Patrick’s. I found walking always helped me control pain better. Initially, boosted with ibuprofen. Then later, as allopurinol started to work it’s magic, it was a joy to realize I could walk bigger distances with increasing freedom from discomfort.

I know we’re all different. But I sense a similar tendency with you, James. Because, I believe we both sometimes overthink potential problems. So, if I’m right, it’s time to get those walking boots on. By the way, stout boots are always better for gouty feet. Because, they support your joints better, if they are fitted correctly.