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I have seen several comments stating that there is pain during debulking. My question is – does your UA% go up during debulking? I have previously posted an excel chart showing my almost daily readings. I was pretty happy that I was able to get down in the 5.5-6.0 range, just by going vegetarian and cutting out alcohol, with some supplements, etc. I had a recent ultrasound, where my UA stone went from about 9mm to 6.5mm. I was thinking everything was going in the right direction. My diet has been VERY consistent and out of the blue my readings started going 6-8 and I have some pain in my toes. It’s not bad pain, but it is definitely there. I have been OK by taking an Alleve before bed. It would make sense that if these crystals broke up and had to be eliminated, you could see a spike in UA%. Just wondering if this would be over about a week’s time?

Thanks in advance for any comments and I am very grateful for this forum.