Reply To: Krystexxa Experience

Keith Taylor

There are enough people around who suffer gout like this for it to have it’s own names – recalcitrant gout, intransigent gout, or refractory gout. As far as I know, they all mean the same thing. Ie, gout that cannot be treated by common uric acid lowering therapies.

But, my first question is, what have you tried so far? My second question is, what were your uric acid excretion test results?

Krystexxa is very effective. But it’s far from perfect.

I’d need a lot more detail to say if Krystexxa is the best choice at this stage. Excess uric acid is dangerous. But, only a very detailed analysis can determine if the risks of Krystexxa outweigh the risks of untreated excess uric acid.

Maybe you could add a bit more information, Greg?