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The test result you mentionned is too high. Was your blood drawn after one month on febuxostat?
If so, you have the choice between testing again to make sure (results can vary quite a bit) or increasing your dose without further delay. I think you could try one pill and a half (60 mg) per day. You’ll have to get tested again after a few weeks on the new dose to see if it works. You want your test results to read 350 or lower.
It’s also important you get tested for side effects and liver function in particular whenever you increase the dose and of course after starting the drug. Febuxostat is not an innocuous drug and serious side effects are fairly common.

It takes more than one month for febuxostat to work anyway. If you have as you suspect been suffering from gout for many years, it could easily take the better part of a year to eliminate gout pain.
You can however reduce gout pain and make it last shorter by bringing your uric acid tests under 300. You may even get extra benefits from bringing them under 250 though nowhere (to my knowledge) is that officially recommended.

While febuxostat greatly reduces the formation of uric acid in your body, it doesn’t destroy the uric acid which you are already burdened with. So while your body is slowly getting rid of the stuff, I recommend drinking plenty of water, regularly consuming milk or milk-based products if you tolderate that, abstaining from animal flesh (you can eat eggs instead to get a similar nutritional value) as well as alcohol and making sure you have drugs which suppress gout symptoms on hand. Some people even take a colchicine pill every day during the first months after starting febuxostat.