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You’ll have to experiment with colchicine and see what works for you. There are different ways to use it. But it works best if you don’t want until it revs up which is why some of us take colchicine on the first signs an outbreak might be coming rather than when it’s clear a serious outbreak has started.
If you’re planning to take both colchicine and NSAIDs during your next serious outbreak and you have never used colchicine, I recommend trying a pill of two of colchicine without NSAIDs first in order to see see what side effects (if any) you get. A good time to try colchicine might be when you have slight symptoms you figure might be the beginning of a proper outbreak.

I don’t know what’s up with your “restless legs” but it sounds like a nerve might be involved. Powerful pain for a few seconds for no obvious reason also sounds like a nerve thing.
Back when I was lowering the amount of uric acid in my blood through diet, I had strange nerve problems which seemed to involve a particular joint for a while and was sent to a neurologist who didn’t detect enough damage to explain the symptoms. I suspect inflammation might have been interferring with my nerves, for instance by creating pressure at some locations. Or maybe it was something else entierely…
See what your doctor thinks.

Unrelated: you probably are aware of this but it seems there is an interaction between levothyroxine and milk (and possibly dairy more generally). It’s apparently recommended not to eat or drink dairy for several hours when you take levothyroxine. It’s not a big deal but might result in inconsistent effectiveness of the drug, as if you were randomly lowering the dose.