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Double action of Allopurinol with Probenecid

I have gout(diagnosed) since 1978. I use colchicine when experiencing flares. I have tried herbal /natural remedies without success. I finally went onto Allopurinol after viewing articles from your website Keith. I commenced at 100mg in April 2015 with urate level of 0.47mmol/L. My Urate level lowered to 0.40 and increasing Allopurinol to 150 mg resulted in urate of 0.37 3months later. However inceasing Allpurinol to 200mg didn’t result in any change to urate which remained at 0.37mmol/L in December 2015. My GP is reluctant to suggest any increase in Allopurinol as it felt my urate level has “plateaued and any increase is not advisable.
I also have chronic gout in my left second toe top joint which has leaked tophi with an open wound for about the last 2 years. There has been no noticeable improvement to this joint.
My GP has proposed I go onto a complimentary regime of Allopurinol (200mg) together with Probenicid – dosage unspecified, to reduce the joint tophi. He has had some success in another patient who has bad tophi (knobbly) in elbow and other joints.
My question is do other members have any experience of such dual medication and can offer any comment please?