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Original Secondary Gout post from Whitney:

Is this gout? (Yeah, I know it probably is)

So, I am pretty sure I am at the end of my first (may it be my last) gout attack. I am a 41 year old woman. Seldom drink, red meat 1x week, maybe. I have been on a diet and have lost 25 lbs over 4 months. I have read that rapid weight loss can trigger an attack. My pain started with feeling like I had a bruise on the bottom of my foot at the classic gout toe joint. It progressed to very painful within 24 hours. I though I had a bone bruise or stress fracture from
Pilates (feet in straps connected to your body weight and some extra resistance w/ springs). Well, they took X-ray in urgent care, said no fracture and “doubted it was gout” because area was not swollen and red. My the next morning, after a night of tears, I couldn’t walk, so I ended up in ER. NP says, yes, it gout. Gives my Rx for the anti-inflammatory (I forget what it’s called, super NSAID) took Uric acid level. 3.7. Med starts working that evening after second dose. That was last night. I can walk again, with discomfort. Noticed swelling yesterday, still visible when you hold both feet sole to sole with the sides showing. Now, when I walk, I feel like the ball of my foot at the toe joint is tender and bruised again. I know you can still have gout without a high Uric acid level. So, now the things that I have read that I did not experience: I was able to tolerate touch and my sock on my food. I could point my toes with out a problem, but it was painful to flex. Sorry about the rambling. It sure sounds like gout. I have an appointment with my doctor on Monday, but it seems like if I am better it makes more sense to go in in two weeks to get levels drawn again, yes? Thank you for any info.