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Carolyn Poulter

Thanks for the extra info. Yes it certainly seems like I have been my own worst enemy with regard to the weight loss not through sensible methods and subsequent plummeting potassium levels and of course the GOUT!! OUCH! I do hope you feel better soon and definitely follow up even if this bout goes away.

Each time my gout gets better some tiny part of my admittedly tiny brain thinks ‘OK it’s gone! That’s that then.’ until it comes back. So now I am diagnosed I am going to keep taking the Allopurinol. I go back for more blood tests (oh joy!) in about 6 weeks. I am so pleased for you regards the weight loss but don’t put too much on the BMI thing, as long as you feel good and feel good about how you feel and look then that’s perfect for you. Now if I could just follow my own advice………………