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Gout Necessities: Mitigare cheaper than Colcrys

I was misdiagnosed several times with gout. Many trips to the ER that were either a sprained ankle or sprained toe. I will keep this short and sweet. If you have gout the necessities are Mitigare, (brand name of colchicine) as my insurance will not cover colchicine or Colcrys. Methylprednisolone Steroid pack. This will stop gout in in tracks. For me, it was within 8 hours. I have started on Allopurinol 300mg per day and have not experienced any gout symptoms at all or any side effects, regardless of diet or alcohol intake.
I would recommend you keep these drugs on hand so that you are not immobilized or wheeling yourself around in your office chair or crawling on the floor because you cannot walk. Which I have done many times.
Don’t needlessly suffer, my final gout attack put me down for 3 weeks and I thank the folks at the ER and my doctor for treating me with the correct drugs, and having prescriptions on hand so that I don’t needlessly suffer! It has been a God Send.

Mitigare is Cheaper than Colcrys

Mitigare is a brand of Colchicine just like Colcry$ but cheaper

Pain relief is a necessity for gout sufferers. Colchicine is best but Colcrys is expensive. Get Mitigare – the same gout drug. Now pay less for colchicine.