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Query regarding my gout symptoms

Earlier I had two attacks of GOUT 2 years back and ~ 4 years back affecting severe pain in my ankle, toes which lasted for 3-4 weeks. I did not take any medicine and symptoms went away. my uric acid level was ~7

But this time, it started with my left shoulder and spinal chord one upper joint and lightly on low back spinal chord, this time I measured my uric acid and it was 7.5. it was too severe pain for one month and then shifted to right shoulder.. then I started taking allopurinol 100mg per day, my upper back was hurting for a longer time and could not lift my hands up when it was too severe.

after 1.5 months, it shifted to my mid and left hip, pain was not too severe, but was facing stiffness and burning pain if I sit for little long time and had to get up slowly to stretch before walking..

by end of 1 month after taking Zyloric 1 per day, it’s reduced to 6.2, and after one and half month it’s reduced to 5.6

after ~ 2 months, the attack started on my knees and foot including big toes and in between the fingers root of the foot. pain was unbearable and poking pain was lasting for 16- 24 hours and moving to new place, like this it was moving all over my knee one place at a time and moving down to feet and later it covered both the knees … the pain was too severe and dominant one place at a time… [note: see more Migratory Gout discussions]

once my uric acid reached 5.6, the severity poking pain reduced and still was poking …

later I took Zyclothicine 0.5 mg per day, after 6-7 days pain reduced drastically (70% down), but still it was hurting some new place, or old place with less intensity…

now my uric acid < 5, and just taking one allopurinol 100 mg per day…

my Rheumatologist, not believing it as gout, he asked me to take steroid 120 mg last Monday, now pain reduced to ~98 % , he ordered few tests like AntiCCP and HLAB27 both came -ve
before taking steroid, my right shoulder started paining again a bit.

now because of steroid, I am feeling =better in terms of pain , but feeling weaker now.
my Rheumatologist, still could not come to any conclusion with the above reports and still in dilemma.
I am a Male 44 years, with good health otherwise… confused all these problems because of URIC ACiD and some other issue? Request your help here… thanks: Srinivasa

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