Reply To: UV variations


Holy crap, Pete. You and I must have the same doctor. The only difference is my Rheumotologist said he would put me on Allopurinol after 3 Gout attacks in a year. Like nobody says in the above post, this isn’t sound advice from a doctor, unless this doctor is basing his/her advice to you from blood work that comes back questionable. And by questionable, that would be taking into account liver function and kidney function numbers. The decision to put a patient on a medication for potentially the rest of their life should be discussed between the two, with the caveat being that the patient will continue to adhere to monthly, then quarterly, blood work follow up. Period. If the patient agrees to this, then write the damn prescription and see the person back in a month, to start.

I still scratch my head wondering why I had to endure 4 unnecessary (in my opinion), excrutiating Gout attacks just to fall into this “mentality” of my Rheumotologist. It wasn’t until I went in and DEMANDED to be put on medication, that he finally listened, and I haven’t looked back.

I don’t know anything about home Uric Acid meters, so I will defer the knowledge of those to people who use them. I will say your doctor did give you SOME sound advice. Exercise, losing weight, quitting smoking, and eating healthier will help to lower your Uric Acid somewhat, but it will definitely help your overall health. Stick with that advice, along with proper hydration.