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Phil Hambrook

Colchicine – As a course or adhoc?

I have Suffered with gout for about 5 years no medication taken but since an op to remove my right kidney 9 months ago I have had frequent attacks since, probably due to my eGFR dropping to 40 after my op (its now holding steady at 43). About 5 weeks ago Doctor put me on 0.5mg twice a day colchicine to clear a recent gout attack then after 6 gout free days go onto Allopurinol 100mg per day (forever!).
I am happy to take allopurinol, I have read its kind to the kidney and see it as a possible way out of gout but the colchicine I am a bit worried about. The first time I took colchicine for 3 days, the gout pain disappeared, although foot still red and puffy the pain had gone but I never got the 6 gout free days as gout came back again so had to go back on them again. I then got my 6 gout free days and I have been on allopurinol now for 2 weeks but another gout attack hit several days ago. More colchicine has improved it so stopped taking it but as I write this I feel gout twinging my big toe! so not sure if I should take another colchicine to nip it in the bud.
Any advice? can Colchicine can be taken adhoc on the first signs of a flare, stopping and starting doses, or should it be taken as a block and not stopped until several days after gout pains and swelling has gone. My instincts tell me the second but I don’t want to put any unnecessary strain on my kidney. I am sure I have read colchicine is a poison.
My UA according to the doctor is only slightly raised but they have diagnosed it as gout. I am scheduled for another blood test in 4 weeks to review allopurinol doses, I have no intention of coming off allopurinol now I’m on it!